Your Health Is Your Wealth In Dating, Relationship, and Marriage

Building Relationship Wealth Quickly Might Require Seeking Help; A Life And Relationship Coach

Wealth. I know you have heard this before; your health is your wealth. Therefore, commit to writing down your health, life, and dating goals today. Writing down your goals makes them real and helps you conceptualize them daily when you review them daily!   Below are five strategies to help you move your life and dating forward:

  1. Make a Commitment. Life is hectic, and personal wellness may end up at the bottom of your list of priorities; you may find it helpful to write down your commitment where you can see it every day – to make it an appointment like you do anything else. Write down how you wish to date, how you want to change your help, and write down the time to complete each task. List in detail what you wish, what you are willing to give up gaining it, and a clear way to work on yourself to get what you desire. You must be willing to give up time, sleep, entertainment, and at times fast food.
  2. Start Small, BUT think Big. Keep in mind that if you start off trying to do too much at one time, you might get overwhelmed and discouraged. If you desire to get rich, you must be willing to change your life.  If you desire to date a successful person, you might need to take a different approach to be your best.
  3. Stick With Your Dreams. No one thing will improve your health, have you dating the right person, and build wealth. However, it is proven that you must go all in and be willing to fail. Success is found on the other side of failure! 
  4. Reassess. Once you’ve made a change, ask yourself if the change is helping you as much as you’d hoped that it would. If the answer is yes, keep going! If you do not see any changes, it might be time to hire a Life or Relationship Coach. A Relationship Coach can help you live and date from your deepest, most sincere commitments and values and assist you in creating new and successful core values.
  5. Grow Every Day. Nurture all aspects of your life – mind, body, and spirit. Consider selecting other areas of your life to make positive changes within four to six weeks, and before you know it, your life will be changed forever! When that change happens or is manifested in your life, other people will be drawn to you; the universe will align other positively changed people into your life. Develop a mastery of your perceptions, emotions, and thinking positively in all parts of your life to build a wealthy mindset.  Great Health is a key and integrated part of gaining generational wealth because you work better, have increased energy, and live longer.

Relationship Coaching is a team-based approach that helps clients gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become active participants in their dating, life, relationship, and marriage. The old saying, “Give a man or woman a fish, and he or she eats for a day. Teach a man or woman how to find a better mate (fish), and he or she eats (cherish the relationship) for a lifetime” demonstrates the difference between rescuing a client and coaching a client.

Chronic and unsuccessful daters need to learn how to catch a better fish and do it in a new pond, lake, river, or ocean using all the tools we provide in our life and relationship coaching. To be successful in dating, relationship, or marriage, you must be the same person you wish to have in your life! The inside work needs to be built, shaped, and nurtured daily!

Relationship Coaching is with a client understanding the current internal happiness. The coaching is supplemented with health and relationship literacy strategies and effective communication techniques, such as ask-tell-ask, teach-back, and action planning to ensure clients comprehend their success plans and help them achieve their goals.



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