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Authenticity. Connection. Communication. Health. And Wealth. This is how the best relationships are built. It’s also what makes them endure, and then to daters, partners, and married couples are healthy allows you to build a better future together; health is wealth. The stronger and healthier each person within a relationshipis,the more likely you willbe happy and live longer. Living longer in a fruitful relationship is what we all strive to achieve!Having friends and other social connections is good for your health and wellbeing.

Authenticity. Be yourself, and people will love you for who you are and not whom you try to be, and it is hard keeping your “representative” on stage. So, be yourself! Men and women love to date educated, honest, smart, witty, and people with a “sense of humor,” On our dating website, thousands if not millions of profiles list that they are looking for a man or woman who does not play games and someone who can make them laugh.  Here is five-ways to be more authentic as a person and when dating:

1. Speaking your opinions honestly in a healthy way and be truthful about your life, living situation, and dating desires!

2. Making decisions that align with your values, beliefs, and desires. If you are looking for a Christian, “God Fearing,” Non-Smoker (420), Married or Unmarried, Height Restrictions, Race, Body Shape, Attractiveness, Age, Location, Long Distance, Children or No Children, Small Children or All 18+ Age and the many other dating deal-breaker; stand on what you want in your life or DON’T wish to deal with in dating. It is not advisable to go into a dating relationship to change a person into what you are looking for in a man or woman; they must be that person when you meet them.

3. Pursuing your passions and being passionate about dating. Pursuing your passion is very important in maintaining a healthy relationship before dating, dating while dating, and after you break up with someone. You will always have your passion, health, business in place. It is hopeful that your date is just as passionate about dating you and matches your healthy passions in life.

4. Listening to the inner voice guiding you forward and when your gut tells a relationship is not going to work with that the person you are speaking to on the phone before a date, be honest an opinion out of the date before it starts. Not two hours before!

5. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open-hearted. This can be a hard one to master in dating. In my interview with couples and single women, this area is where men have a hard time. Daters, please recognize that most people are close off due to the pain experienced from past relationships, so handle new love with care because it is precious.

Connection. Connections are what separates us from all the other species on planet earth.  We’re connected in many ways that most people don’t see or understand.  We know you have heard the term three degrees of separation; in essence, this is how we are connected and not separated. There are many ways you can be connected with people; however, we will only touch on five kinds of connections. These are very important to know in everyday life and healthy dating:
1. Family connections: also called platonic – with people who love and care for you, such as family and friends
2. Relational connections – with people whom you see regularly and share an interest with, such as workmates or those who serve your morning coffee
3. Collective connections – with people who share a group membership, on the same dating website, or affiliation with you, such as people who vote as you do or people who have the same faith.
4. Intimate connections – people you have a casual, understanding, and friends with benefits of a sexual nature. Dating and intimate sexual relationships are connections that should be discussed in detail before agreeing to these types of connections. It can be a wonderful connection if everyone is on the same playing field.
5. Mind, Body, Communication, and Spirit connections – this connection promotes professional and personal growth in dating, relationships, and marriage. These are deeper connections that can last a lifetime and are nurtured over a long time. We added this last because, in our opinion, it is the most important part of dating and relationship building.
Ask yourself: do you have meaningful, long-term relationships in all these five areas?
Communication. This is the hardest but most important part of any relationship.
1. When you communicate what matters to you, you make decisions that align with your identity and core values. You begin to build a life that brings you happiness, meaning, and joy.
2. It is important to learn nonverbal (Body Language) communication when dating. Nonverbal communication, often referred to as nonverbal behavior or body language,means transmitting information at the first meeting and during the date. This none spoke information is achieved through facial expressions, gestures, touching, physical movement, posture, body adornment (clothes, jewelry, hairstyle, tattoos, etc.), tone, timbre, and volume of an individual’s voice. Whenever your observation of another person’s nonverbal behavior helps you understand that person’s feelings, intentions, or actions – or clarifies their spoken words. – then, you have successfully decoded and used this silent medium to enhance your relationship. A woman or man will tell you nonverbally if they’re interested in you past the initial meeting by their actions during the date, so pay close attention. However, make the date fun, interesting, and exciting. Be yourself and leave your representative at home.
3. When you interact with others, try to understand and see things from their perspective, but you don’t have to agree. Be willing to listen first before speaking because most people will tell you who they are if you are willing to listen deeply for clarity. Communicating your desires in a dating relationship is very important,and it helps the other person make an informed decision if the two of you are aligned.
4. Verbal Communication. Tone, reflection, volume, and actions are backed up by what is spoken. Although texting, instant messages, and chatting are ways to communicate,they beat talking on the telephone(cell), video chatting or talking in person. Miscommunication is often received via texting because tone and reflections are not heard in this type of nonverbal communication. The Chat and Video Dating Paid Features on our website can help you communicate better and avoid miscommunication.
5. Practice Mindfulness in your communication with others; missed or harsh spoken words can cut to the core of some people. Be thoughtful, kind, and selective with the words spoken during your communication to cultivate a good relationship. Being mindful means bringing an attitude of openness, curiosity, and acceptance to the reality of whatever you are noticing during the communication exchange with others. It is also practicing and understanding the emotional intelligence of the person you are conversing with now.Be Present, live a life of gratitude and self-honesty.
Health and Wellness. These can be interchangeable at times. Therefore, we will give you helpful information regarding healthy eating, relationships, supplements, and health coaching. Is it your Health! Your it you Relationships!Both aid in your continuous growth in your life and your ability to create generational wealth.
1. Healthy Relationships have been proven to lower rates of anxiety and depression, higher self-esteem, greater empathy, and more trusting and cooperative relationships. Strong, healthy relationships can also help to strengthen your immune system, help you recover from disease, and may even lengthen your life.
2. Health and Wellness in a relationship are important because “we live and die with our teeth”! Therefore, one of the biggest concerns with dating as you age is your health and partner. If your health is bad, you will spend more time and money paying to improve your health and not enjoy life together. If your health is not a top priority in your life and your partner’s life, you might need to find a like-minded dating pool. If you wish to transform your health and lose weight via eating health, I recommend startingone of the meal programs listed on
3. Healthy Life. Consist of nutrition, exercise, diet supplementation, stress management, a strong support network, living a wellness lifestyle, and building a relationship including mutual wellness vision. Think about the sorts of relationships you have with people. If these relationships are stressful, filled with negativity, emotionally draining, and cause you anxiety, it is time to make a change. Your circle of friends should be based on positive vibrations and connections; this should be the case in a dating relationship. If you can bring your dating partner into your healthy living, it will be a match made in healthy heaven! We don’t get all the nutrients in food to keep us healthy, so it is advisable to supplement your diet with high-quality vitamins and supplements.
4. Emotional Health is important in overall health and positively impacts the dating experience. Research shows that mediation and increased emotional health strategies can help you: view stressful situations differently, build skills that can help your manage stress, increase your self-awareness, focus on the present moment, and reduce negative emotions.
5. Physical and Mental Resilience. Learn to love yourself first, and you will have an abundance of love for others.Resilience is your ability to bounce back from life challenges. How does this relate to dating? Well, here you go: A. Physical Resilience will help you stay healthy and strong and view the opposite sex as healthy. B. Emotional Resilience is experiencing positive emotions and recovering quickly from negative emotions experienced on a bad date or a bad day! C. Spiritual Resilience being able to maintain a higher meaning even in the face of disappointment and adversity; belief and maintaining a position outlook on dating and meeting the right person for you. D. Mental Resilience is your ability to stay focused on the type of relationship and life you wish to build for yourself and with a solid life partner. Equally, when you face adversity and rejection in dating, you can healthily deal with these emotions.
NOTE: Loving you starts inside and is seen clearly in your outside life. Love who you are NOW, but be willing to make positive changes to become better and grow into the best you! – Coach Deon Huff
Wealth.I know you have heard this before; your health is your wealth. Therefore, commit to writing down your health, life, and dating goals today. Writing down your goals makes them real and helps you conceptualize them daily when you review them daily!   Below are five strategies to help you move your life and dating forward:
1. Make a Commitment. Life is hectic, and personal wellness may end up at the bottom of your list of priorities; you may find it helpful to write down your commitment where you can see it every day – to make it an appointment like you do anything else. Write down how you wish to date, how you want to change your help, and write down the time to complete each task. List in detail what you wish, what you are willing to give up gaining it, and a clear way to work on yourself to get what you desire. You must be willing to give up time, sleep, entertainment, and at times fast food.
2. Start Small, BUT think Big. Keep in mind that if you start off trying to do too much at one time, you might get overwhelmed and discouraged. If you desire to get rich, you must be willing to change your life. If you desire to date a successful person, you might need to take a different approach to be your best.
3. Stick With Your Dreams. No one thing willimprove your health, have you dating the right person, and build wealth. However, it is proven that you must go all in and be willing to fail. Success is found on the other side of failure!
4. Reassess. Once you’ve made a change, ask yourself if the change is helping you as much as you’d hoped that it would. If the answer is yes, keep going! If you do not see any changes, it might be time to hire a Life or Relationship Coach. A Relationship Coach can help you live and date from your deepest, most sincere commitments and values and assist you in creating new and successful core values.
5. Grow Every Day. Nurture all aspects of your life – mind, body, and spirit. Consider selecting other areas of your life to make positive changes within four to six weeks, and before you know it, your life will be changed forever! When that change happens or is manifested in your life, other people will be drawn to you; the universe will align other positively changed people into your life.Develop a mastery of your perceptions, emotions, and thinking positively in all parts of your life to build a wealthy mindset.Great Health is a key and integrated part of gaining generational wealth because you work better, have increased energy, and live longer.
Relationship Coaching is a team-based approach that helps clients gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become active participants in their dating, life, relationship, and marriage. The old saying, “Give a man or woman a fish, and he or she eats for a day. Teach a man or woman how to find a better mate (fish), and he or she eats (cherish the relationship) for a lifetime” demonstrates the difference between rescuing a client and coaching a client.
Chronic and unsuccessful daters need to learn how to catch a better fish and do it in a new pond, lake, river, or ocean using all the tools we provide in our life and relationship coaching. To be successful in dating, relationship, or marriage, you must be the same person you wish to have in your life! The inside work needs to be built, shaped, and nurtured daily!
Relationship Coaching is with a client understanding the current internal happiness. The coaching is supplemented with health and relationship literacy strategies and effective communication techniques, such as ask-tell-ask, teach-back,and action planning to ensure clients comprehend their success plans and help them achieve their goals.